Why submit your work?

The Action Pack is all about banding together and being part of a community of change. By submitting your work using the form below, you and your children show your commitment to the cause and also help to inspire others to join The Action Pack!

Our favourite submissions will also get published on the website in our Gallery page. So keep checking back to see if your pupils’ or child’s work has been chosen.

All submissions of work and entries on our Gallery page are subject to our Terms and Conditions. It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions before submitting work.

Click here to download Terms & Conditions

Submitting your work

Submitting posters and films is easy and can all be done online. Simply use the form on the right to input your details and upload your files. You can upload multiple files at once!

Please label files clearly, e.g. James_Year5_Poster

You can also use the ‘Please describe your entry’ box to give us any other information you think we might need!

For posters:

To submit posters, simply take photos or scans of your child or pupils’ work and upload them using the entry form on the right. Please make sure that your child or pupils have written their first name only, school name and age on their posters. Use the text entry box on the right to include some information about the posters you are submitting.

For films:

To submit films, please upload your child or pupils’ films to YouTube or Vimeo (as an unlisted video) and send us the links by copying them into the ‘Please describe your entry’ box in the upload form, including the child’s name(s). Please make sure that no faces or names appear in the films, and that you tell us the age of those you are submitting on behalf of.

Rather email it?

If you’d prefer, you can email us your work by writing to theactionpack@edcoms.co.uk – please be aware of email limits if sending mutliple or particularly large files!

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Can children work together on their posters and films?
Yes, they can work on their own or in groups of 2, 3 or 4.

Can children submit more than one piece of work?
Yes, children can submit as many pieces of work as you like.

Do all entries have to feature an animal character?
Yes, both posters and films should feature an animal character.

When is the deadline for submitting work?
There is no deadline – you can submit work whenever you like!

How can I submit work?
See the Submitting your work section of this page.

What is the maximum file size for uploads?
10Mb (per file) – you can upload mutliple files under this limit however. Videos should be provided as a link on YouTube or Vimeo as per the instructions.