We’re calling on children aged 5 to 11 in England and Northern Ireland to take protecting the environment into their own hands!

Use our curriculum-linked resources to learn all about being an active citizen and recycling, then create animal characters to teach grown-ups what they can do to help our planet.

Your work could even inspire others beyond your local community by appearing on the Action Pack website.

Take the Action Pack Recycling Challenge

Our colourful PSHE and Science PowerPoint lesson guides pupils through what recyclying means, why we should recycle and how their actions can make a difference.

Following that, pupils can complete one (or two!) of our missions:

Mission 1: Having created an animal character, they can put their Art and Design skills to the test to make a poster.

Mission 2: Pupils use their English skills to script and create a film, with animal chracters, to educate grown-ups about recycling.

We’d love to see your work, so please send it in to us. Posters and films shared with us could appear in our gallery page.

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